Services Offered By Marc D. Manoff Consulting

Marc D. Manoff Consulting knows how to help businesses generate, implement and execute a successful business plan. With a focus on creating customized solutions to target specific plan objectives, incorporating strategic marketing and management methods as well as enhancing overall company value, Marc D. Manoff Consulting brings a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of business options to each and every client.

Marc D. Manoff Consulting: Helping Businesses Generate Cash Flow

Marc D. Manoff Consulting understands how lack of cash flow can bind a business' internal operations as well as stifle overall market growth. Using proven channels and techniques, Marc D. Manoff Consulting can help your organization tap into avenues of capital that can truly make a marked difference in how your company conducts business. Marc Manoff will help your company:

  • Secure purchase order and invoice factoring
  • Establish lines of credit
  • Find new investors
  • Obtain debt and equity financing
  • Leverage inventory

In addition to introducing clients to these proven tactics and resources, Marc  Manoff Consulting will also partner with your business and executive staff to develop a strategic plan to achieve critical goals, solve operational challenges, lower costs and ultimately improve profitability.  Whether looking to start a new business, launch a new product or prepare your organization to be sold or publicly offered, Marc D. Manoff Consulting can help!

Our extensive list of corporate services also includes:

  • CEO For Hire Services
  • Preparation Of Business Plans
  • Prospectus Drafting
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Access To a vast array of professionals

This is just a sample of the many strategic services Marc Manoff Consulting delivers to our client partners. Contact us today to find out how we can help your organization redefine its corporate course and achieve its own distinctive set of business goals!

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